World Time Analog Watch Face - With this watch face for Android Wear, track your home time zone and two others as you communicate with people around the world, all on your wrist.

Using the configuration on Android Wear on the phone, you can choose two time zones to track outside your own and even give them a four letter nickname.

The outer, main clock shows your current time.

It also includes:

  1. Day of week in three letter format
  2. Day of month
  3. Abbreviation for name of month.
  4. All in a rounded rectangle on the bottom half of the watch.

Two smaller, round clocks are also on the face. These show the times of the places you specified in the phone configuration.

You can tell morning from afternoon/evening by symbols of the sun rising (morning) or setting (afternoon/evening).

At a glance, you can see if it is a good time to email, text, or otherwise message a friend or coworker somewhere around the world.

Get this analog world time watch face for Android Wear today!