Android Development: Surefire Steps To Achieve Success In Google Play Store

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You may have known by now that Google Play Store is one of the most visited app store for many app developers worldwide. Giving various advantages for developers, this app industry is now getting flooded with apps of every imaginable type and category. This fact can prove to be particularly intimidating to new Android developers, who hope to make their mark in the Google Play Store.

Here are the tips and techniques on how to achieve success in Play Store:

1. Test-Drive Your App

Be sure to test your app meticulously before submitting it to Google Play Store. Android is an open platform that has advantages and disadvantages. The other problem here is the high fragmentation of devices, which could make it very tough for you to assure steady user experience.

2. Improve Your App Presentation

If you are set and ready to submit your app, ensure that it looks interesting enough, design a clean icon and collect a few smart screenshots and videos of your app, so that you can catch the attention of many users. See to it that you get this step right – keep in mind, the first impression is always the best and lasting impression.

3. Operating System Version & Screen Size

Testing on the different Android devices essentially implies that you mainly need to take into account the various Android OS versions and screen sizes as well. Preferably, you should test your app with devices which associated with both lower and higher resolutions, so that you can assure that your app works well with both.

To the degree that the OS version is concerned, you could make your main app compatible with the lower versions, while progressively adding on more features and functions for higher versions. Working along with the built-in features of each model would make the process easier and simpler for you.

Describe which devices you would like to notice your app in the market. This would allow you to limit the scope of your app to certain Android devices, as detailed by you. Visit the Developer Console and continue to work with these settings.

4. Market Your Android App

Launch your Android app in good style. Publish a press release and invite relevant people to cover this event. Contact app review sites and ask them to review your app. You also sign up with forums and online boards and discuss about your app. You can also use the power of social media to promote and market your app. You can also advertise your app on a number of Android app discovery platforms online.

5. Create a Google Checkout Account

Just in case you aim to sell a paid Android app or make money by means of in-app marketing, you first need to create a Google Checkout Merchant Account. Google has restricted countries on its list, and therefore, you first need to make certain that you are allowed to sell paid apps on Google.

Once you establish your app as a free app, the Google Play won’t allow you to upgrade it to become paid app. Therefore, you have to plan a lasting monetizing technique for your app.

6. Offer Support to Users

Be sure that you offer well-timed help and support to your users. Create a system whereby you can instantly answer and respond with users, solving their problems and worries at the earliest. Add an FAQ section to respond the mutual questions and establish a support email account and chat help line for them. If possible, you can also add a number of payment options for the Android users.

7. Monitor Your App Performance

Check the constant track of your app’s performance, so that you know exactly how good it is in the Android market. Take note of your users’ feedback and see in what means you can better your app presentation and marketing approach as well.

There are two major analytics tools easily available to you – in-app analytics and app marketplace analytics. While the earlier tracks your users’ impression of your app, the latter presents you clear information of your app downloads, revenue, reviews, rating, and revenue, etc.

Following these guidelines will help propel your android apps to the pinnacle of Google Play Store listings.