Dashboard Digital Watch Face - This Dashboard Digital Watch Face for Android Wear has important information at your fingertips.

Once installed, allow time to synchronize, and you can use the configuration on Android Wear app to choose color and celsius or farenheit.

The time is displayed in digital format in the central window.
Also in the central window is the date including the day of week, day of month, and month, also in digital format.

Above this window are several portals of information.

The first portal contains the two digit percentage of battery remaining on watch. This saves you a finger scroll just to see battery life.

The other two portals contain current weather conditions from openweathermap.com. You’ll see a number and degree symbol, as well as a symbol of a sun, cloud, or rain, to give you an idea of weather conditions if you are not close to a window.

Below the central window is a steps counter to rival the ones you find at the dollar store. The number has a dial a lot like a seven digit combination lock for a bicycle. In case you forget what the number means, a symbol of footprints appears below the steps counter.

Get this Dashboard Digital Watch Face for your Android Wear watch today!