Digital LED Watch Face

Digital LED Watch Face

Digital LED Watch Face - Digital Watch face with a customizable color LED look.

Supports square Android Wear watches such as the Gear Live, Asus Zenwatch, Sony Smartwatch 3, or LG G.

Support round Android Wear watches such as the LG G R, Moto 360, or LG Urbane.

Configuration options are available on the Android Wear app on the phone.


  • Time including Hour and Minute
  • Date inluding Month,Day, and Year
  • Seconds shown in interactive mode
  • Battery indicator
  • Phone Battery Indicator
  • Daily Step Counter
  • Round Screen Support
  • Square Screen Support


  • 20 colors available
  • Choose outline mode or solid, ie Color on Black or Black on Color
  • Choose title of watch, anything from “Waterproof LED” to “Not the Apple Watch”
  • Configuration is done through.

LED stands for light emitting diode, and has been popular for years as the style for clock radios and other numerical timepieces.

A digital watch is often preferred for information at a glance.

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