Moon Phase Lunar Watch Face – This app uses your current rough location to calculate moon data that is relevant for your place on the earth’s surface. It may take a few minutes on first use to acclimate to your location. (Or, if location is turned off on your phone and/or watch, it may never find that information at all)

Whether you want to know the phase of the moon to know when to turn into a werewolf, try to predict the mood of friends and loved ones, or find the best fishing or hunting times, your watch can now have this information at a glance.

Top Features:

  • Time in digital format.
  • Time of moonrise and moonset
  • Current phase of the moon illustrated
  • A changing night sky background.
  • Current Date
  • Days to next new moon or full moon.

See today’s moon at glance, replacing a moon calendar. Use this Android Wear watch as your wrist’s moon calculator today.