SciCal:Scientific Calculator – A calculator for scientists, science students, or anyone interested in science. Free with option to upgrade to ad-free.

Includes a comprehensive set of Fundamental Physics Constants. Quickly look up and insert values without leaving the app. This functionality can also be used on an Android Wear Watch using voice search. (The Android Wear component is a reference search and not a full Wear calculator if that is what you are looking for.)

This product uses data provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. but is not endorsed or certified by NIST. NIST SRD 122, NIST SRD 144.

Do note that this will install two icons: one called ScienceCal, the calculator. The other, Science Constants, brings up the reference for the Fundamental Physics constants if you want it by itself.

Now try calculation with scientific calculator on your android devices. Works on three different modes – Float, Fixed and Scientific and calculate almost all scientific and non scientific calculations in a fly.


* Arithmetic functions.
* Trigonometric functions.
* Log functions.
* 9 custom Memories to save values.
* Clipboard support to copy and paste values from the display.
* Scrollable display to see large values (for small screen phones).
* Unlimited history of previous calculations.
* Permutation and combinations.
* Built in large number of physical constants with ready to use values.
* Customizable number of maximum Digits.
* Haptic feedback to feel like pressing real keys.
* Solve multiple calculations at once.

This free app is ad supported. For more space and no ads, you can use the “Pro” button to purchase an upgrade.