Time Web Watch Face  РTime Web Watch Face is the winner of a design contest, chosen both by the expert judges and the Android Wear fans at https://www.facebook.com/AndroidsWear.

After installing, wait for Android Wear to synch up with the watch

You are in control of the color by choosing it in the configuration from Android Wear on the phone.

You can see the hour outlined and represented in analog format in Roman Numeral, from I to VI to XII.

You can also see, if you watch closely, a marker of the current minute on the outer dial. A smaller triangle makes the rounds to mark seconds.

Since deciphering all this may cause your friends to think you can’t tell time, the time is also available in the center in easy digital format.

Other information included:

  • The day of the week spelled out in full.
  • The date including both the month and day of month
  • Current Temperature and Weather icon, based on information from OpenWeatherMap.org.
  • The battery life of the watch as a percentage.
  • The battery life of the paired phone, also as a percentage.

This watch face includes separate, but similar, designs for both square and round screens.
It includes a less complex and less colorful design to save power in ambient mode.

Weave a web of time by getting this watch face for Android Wear today!