AnDevCon Discount

This blog posts explains how you can get a discount at AnDevCon, by using the discount code, ‘Mellor’.

AnDevCon is a conference for Android developers. It is coming up again May 28th in Boston. You have a chance to learn from speakers and experts in the field.

One of the ways to get an AnDevCon discount is to register early.

The other way is to use a discount code. This gives you a discount on top of early registration.

To get a $200 discount, follow this link, and use the discount code ‘Mellor’ during the registration process to get a discount.

AnDevCon registration.

I will be speaking at AnDevCon at some classes entitled ‘Driving App Success’. You do not have to attend any of these classes to use the code and get the AnDevCon Discount. There are plenty of great topics including Android design patterns, native code development, continuous build integration, 2D and 3D Graphics in Android, use of Android libraries, and many other topics of interest to developers.

I hope to see you at AnDevCon!



Speaking at PubCon

Next week, I will speaking at PubCon Las Vegas on the subject of Analytics in Mobile Apps.

I will be using examples of how I’ve used referral data and goal tracking within an app.

In my presentation, I’m showing the impact of making customizations to Google Analytics in order to get keyword referral data from the Android Market. This is valuable information that is not available to everyone without additional effort